A Song of Ice and Fire

Hey, my name is Nick. I blog what I like and re-blog what I like. I'm a wanna be author, i love to write short stories,my favorite shows include the walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Borgias, and etc. I sometimes post my opinions and such, so watch out.Winter is coming!!!!!!
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Vera-Ellen and Gene Kelly [Words and Music, 1948].


Vera-Ellen and Gene Kelly [Words and Music, 1948].


Audrey II resin model kits by Joe Dunaway.  For sale here.

  1. Grow For Me (Coffee can not included) $69.99
  2. Feed Me (14”) $189.99
  3. Little Shop $29.99


photos from the centuries video shoot. more up here.

if you missed the video, watch it.

Download the song on iTunes, or listen on Spotify 


i should probably draw something



Two Weird Old Men! (And their puppets)

Me & Matt Chapman goofing around between takes for the credits tag in Sock Opera. For those of you that don’t know, Matt Chapman writes on Gravity Falls (Co-wrote “Into The Bunker” with me) and also makes a hell of a good McGucket puppeteer. (Oh, and he’s also Strong Bad, incidentally) 

Puppets by Puppet Extraordinaire Nicole Mitchell (Her blog: http://dearquatty.blogspot.com)